Welcome to You OWN It, the OWN stands for One Wellness Network. You OWN It has its underpinnings through health psychology and disability rights campaigning with an aim to focus on making a difference in four main wellness categories: Mind, Physical, Social and Everyday. Everybody has health and wellness challenges and often those challenges are heightened for disabled individuals. We therefore exist to empower disabled people to thrive through the health and wellness sector.

Everybody has a mind and therefore we need to be aware of our own mental wellbeing. It is just as important for us to look after our minds as it is our physical health. If we hurt our leg, we would go to the doctors to have it checked out and the same should apply for our mind. Sometimes we can be going through mental health challenges and not even realise that there is a real problem, but it is up to us to recognise when there is an issue so we can learn how to keep our minds healthy and address such challenges when they occur.


It is important for us to keep on top of our physical health with appropriate exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.  As we get older our bodies succumb to changes and challenges that we didn’t encounter when younger so keeping on top of physical wellness is crucial for our general wellbeing.


“No person is an island.” We interact with others daily from friends and family to the cashier at the supermarket. This area focusses on how to extend our social networks, but also when to realise that sometimes certain connections aren’t working for us anymore. This area explores how to steer our way through complex social networks in order to enhance and protect our personal wellbeing.


Our mind, physical and social wellness can be a difficult thing to balance on a day to day basis. Our everyday wellness is about adopting positive habits in all these areas to achieve lifelong healthy habits and behaviours. We need to learn to work around work, day to day life and relationships with ourselves and others.

You OWN It is a growing network that branches out into many focussed areas such as our research and campaigning, the You OWN It hubs, OWN Home and our Ambassadors contributing to our monthly blogs to keep you updated on how they are navigating through their own wellness challenges.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and hope to hear from you soon.