Our You OWN It ambassadors talk about their own health and wellness challenges in monthly blog posts they create for the website. They share their own life experiences in the hopes that people can relate snd in some way be inspired or helped by their words.
Take your time in reading all about what they have to say.


Hey #TeamOwnIt! Welcome to the first blog in my new series of #WellnessWednesdays. So, this is going to be an open and honest account of why I haven’t been blogging. One of the reasons as to why I decided to blog for You Own It was to hold myself accountable…

And 2018, Here We Are

I’m now in a year that was portrayed in my childhood movies as the distance future.  We are well passed Back to the Futures hoover boards and were predicted to me living in the sky as well as other planets outside earth.  Flying cars and Terminators judgement day is well…

Keeping Going in Recovery: 5 Daily Messages

A year into my first sustained attempt at recovery, I now realise that part of what made me keep putting off the recovery that I knew I wanted and needed to begin was the feeling that it had to be one continuous smooth journey. One day I had to wake…

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