And 2018, Here We Are

I’m now in a year that was portrayed in my childhood movies as the distance future.  We are well passed Back to the Futures hoover boards and were predicted to me living in the sky as well as other planets outside earth.  Flying cars and Terminators judgement day is well in the past and we should be fighting futuristic robots lead by John Connor.  Although I am pleased that these ideas out of Hollywood never came to fruition we are really living in an exciting time for medical robot assisted rehab.  And I am lucky enough to be not just living it every day but helping get this exciting rehabilitation technique to all the people like me fighting to live life to the max.  This is always in my mind weather building Rex devices on the product line or doing my Rexercise program.  This invention out of Auckland New Zealand is bigger than all the Hollywood movies out together for helping people reach their rehab goals.

After receiving the go ahead to weight bare again from my surgical team I was anxious to get back up and look at my physiotherapy from a standing position again.  This all went very well and although I was only standing and walking around for and maximum of ten minutes at a time with no Rexercise stances it was enough to put a smile on my face and I felt complete in my rehab again, it doesn’t seem like much but the mental satisfaction was almost overwhelming after the injury I had just been through.  Some more x-rays followed up a week of weight bearing and everything was intact and bone was calcified back together, throttle down and back to life again.  3 months post femur reconstruction and its nothing but a memory and story.  I know this fast recovery is due to been in a fit and healthy state.  Always be ready for war, you don’t know what battle tomorrow will be so prepare prepare prepare…

Now back to full function I am more determined to go further with my health and fitness.  I have started to look into my breathing to help with my endurance training.  Endurance is something I have struggled with since my spinal cord injury.  Cardio training is very difficult without function of my lower limbs.  It requires a lot of strength training to get my upper limbs to a point that they have enough endurance to get my heart pumping before they hit the fatigued state and I can no longer move them.  I have now reached that point and my arms have the power in them to get my heart pumping and get myself puffing for air, I feel like this is really good for me.  I do this in a few different forms because every time I move my arms in a different way I find it changes how long my arms last or how quickly they get fatigued.  So, I shadow box as well as banging on a speed ball. I use a stationary hand cycle and now have the endurance to go out and push up hills in wheelchair.  I have never being more focused on my cardio and endurance and am wanting to push it further and further every day.  After all endurance is closely related to longevity and I want to be he for longer than I ever have before, I also know I can be if I work for it every day.

I am also finding that with my added endurance I am more able to handle the heat of summer which has always made me uncomfortable.  But with my cardio training and getting out there and getting after it I can now handle getting a sweat up and a little raised body temperature and not feeling like I am going to pass out.  The big change in all this is learning to breathe properly again, belly breathing.  My every day preparation involves breathing.  Just breathing seems so simple and natural but when I looked deep into it we all forget how to breathe.  It is the cornerstone of our health and fitness yet always overlooked. So breathe, just breathe as deep and fully as you can with every breath.

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