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And 2018, Here We Are

I’m now in a year that was portrayed in my childhood movies as the distance future.  We are well passed Back to the Futures hoover boards and were predicted to me living in the sky as well as other planets outside earth.  Flying cars and Terminators judgement day is well in the past and we [...]

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Rest, recovery…and getting back at it

I had a better time this month following my broken femur and reconstruction surgery.  Most importantly I have owned my injury and in a better mindset to get things done and get back at it.  I could get up and back at it and was enjoying a lot more time moving around and doing things [...]

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The Exercise That Broke Me

One event and one exercise has consumed my time this month. We tried something new in a Rexercise session where we strapped my FES machine to my legs while I was in Rex. This enabled us to be able to electronically stimulate the right muscles in my legs with a FES clicker as I was performing sit [...]

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Work, Diet and FES

We have been very busy at Rex Bionics the past month, developing some new designs and features for the future of Rexercise. It is very important and close to our hearts here at Rex Bionics to stay on the cutting edge of Exoskeleton technology and delivering the best design and innovation results to neurological rehabilitation [...]

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Pushing Through

First things first, I know for a fact that I have added a year to my life this this month. And with little, well no work. I was contacted by a friend who was reading my bio for You own it. Their message was simple, it said go back to the year you were born [...]

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How Rexercise Has Changed My Life!

I am currently a fairly fit and healthy 37-year-old male.  Two years ago I was far from this state having sustained a spinal cord injury in 2006 and not changing my way of life, health and fitness wise.  I have always lived a fairly active outdoors life and didn’t let my Spinal cord injury stop [...]

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