Hi everybody! Welcome to the second edition of my blog in this series. This month we are concentrating on Reclaiming Your July #MyJuly! 

Last week I spoke to you about all the exciting things we’ve progressed with to empower you to Own It as well as introducing the concept of Nomophobia- fear of no phone. Today I’m going to provide an update about my experience of trying to distance myself away from my phone.

So how’s it gone??? 

Ironically, now that I’ve decided to distance myself from my phone, I actually want to use it more!!! I suppose that’s how you know it’s a type of ‘addiction.’ It’s like when you decide to ‘give up’ something for lent e.g. chocolate – it’s all you think about and you want it more! Haha. The brain is really funny like that, the minute you deny anything, it wants it more! Even when it comes to using your phone! 

So I’m going to practice something controversial and new! I’m just going to have my phone on me at all times and not deny myself from it! My thinking – if I don’t deny, I won’t miss it and therefore probably will use it less because it’s in front of me! Haha!  I know the sceptical ones of you will be thinking, what’s the point!? That’s just a lame excuse of using it! 

Well, I’m still going to have some boundaries:

– Still putting my phone on aeroplane mode at night but also when I’m concentrating on important tasks where I need to be present

– Turning off notifications like text messages, whatsapp, email, Facebook etc! That way I can still check them when I want to but they aren’t constantly popping up on my screen which is what can lead to procrastination

– Still keeping my phone away or turning it on aeroplane mode when I’m with friends and family 


This is important because I’m not denying myself of my phone, rather I’m putting control back into my hands as it’s my choice to do these things and I’m much more likely to stick with it!

I hope this blog has helped and make sure you keep us updated on your wellness challenges!


Until next time,


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