So last week I posted a video on Facebook about how my wellness challenge for this month was exercise! If you watched the video you could probably tell that I wasn’t best pleased about doing this wellness challenge.
This is a genuine challenge for me. Healthy eating didn’t seem so bad as there’s so much you can do to make healthy food taste delicious. But with exercise, you definitely have to go through the motions.
I’ve started my regime gently. So currently I’m doing Pilates three times a week. It does feel great once I finish but I’m glad to be finished…haha.
I know I can exercise as I’ve done it before and have gotten great results. Exercise  has benefited my mental health too.
The answer is simple. It’s obviously going to be hard at the moment because I’ve not exercised properly for a year. But I need to practice what I preach and continue. I have fallen into bad habits but replacing them with good habits is definitely going to be worth it in the long run!
The point of this blog is to be honest about the process. It’s not easy but I can do it.
I hope this blog has helped with those of you who are working through your own wellness challenges too.
Until next time,