Hi everybody,

I hope you’re enjoying your St Patrick’s weekend so far.

I just wanted to keep you updated on my healthy eating challenge. How am I finding it?

So after my cleanse I felt great. I had more energy and I felt lighter. I also fitted in a pair of jeans that I hadn’t worn for two years!! Great. I have since been making a conscious effort to ensure that I’m eating healthily where I can. I’ve been batch cooking tasty and healthy food.

However, this week my jeans have started to become tight again. I suppose I have neglected eating as ‘healthy’ (in the traditional sense) as I could have done. But I actually don’t feel guilty. For me, eating healthy does not mean cutting anything I enjoy out of my diet. What it does mean is eating everything in moderation and mindfully too! So for instance, this week I’ve had a cold and yesterday I was craving carbs! So I had quite a lot of cheesy mash potato amongst other things. That’s ok. But on reflection my plate size was pretty big and I ate so quickly that by the time my brain caught up with my body to tell me that I was full, I was actually more than full!!!

So what does this mean? Well I don’t think we can actually define what healthy eating is. It all depends on a case by case basis. Traditionally we have been told to eat our carbs, veg and protein within a certain proportion. We are told to drink 2 litres of water a day and to eat five pieces of fruit. But then newer research suggests that each person’s gut digests food in a unique way to them and it’s all about how our gut digests food and then eating the most appropriate food for ease of breakdown. Confused much? Yes.

I’m not feeling guilty about the food that I’ve been eating. And for me, well I don’t think certain daily recommendations are appropriate due to my limited mobility. But what I’m actively going to do moving forward is to stick to what I initially set out to do. Cutting down on my portion sizes and eating everything in moderation. It’s time to replace old eating habits with new ones so that I can be happier and healthier!

How are you getting on with your wellness challenges?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Until next time,

R x