I am currently a fairly fit and healthy 37-year-old male.  Two years ago I was far from this state having sustained a spinal cord injury in 2006 and not changing my way of life, health and fitness wise.  I have always lived a fairly active outdoors life and didn’t let my Spinal cord injury stop me.  The drawback from this was I was now (temporarily) using my body in a way it wasn’t designed to, be used.  I was using what parts of my body I could use to enjoy my life to its fullest.  After 9 years of fixing with my shoulders and neck and gripping with my arms during my daily activities I had developed a lot of neck and shoulder pain and daily headaches. I was over working my active muscles instead of retraining my areas of weakness to recover from my Spinal cord injury.

In 2010  I was lucky enough to start a job with Rex Bionics where we have developed a “free standing” exoskeleton which wheelchair users like myself can transfer into and freely walk around in.  This helped me a lot with bladder function and back pain just from standing up and walking around daily like we were designed to.  I started with the company doing the first medical trial for this device and ended up working for the company full time as a demonstrator/device tester and now also work on the production line building devices for others like myself to enjoy.

Last year in 2016, Rex Bionics developed a new Rex function called “REXERCISE”.  I started training daily with Rexercise along with some postural realignment exercises.  This was the game changer for me and would lead to the end of my headaches and shoulder pain. Before starting this programme, I had got to the point where my spinal cord injury had consumed me. I was spending any time I wasn’t working on bed rest with chronic shoulder and neck pain.I also had developed some pressure areas that couldn’t seem to be resolved with endless cushions and seating assessments.  All my outdoor activities I live for had gone and I was just living purely for the point of being and no more.  I was completely unsatisfied with my life and no longer had any point to developing more wishes and dreams.  I believe this is the unhealthiest state anybody can be living in.  I could also not find any way out, until I started my Rexercise programme.  Although it wasn’t this alone that turned things around for me.  I think I just had to start something because as I progressed into my training I found myself making positive changes every day that were beneficial to a better quality of life.  Diet, exercise and basically closer management of my body are now a daily routine and will be forever.  I now think of my body as my most treasured asset and maintain and care for it as it needs and deserves.

A year on from starting my Rexercise programme I am a completely new version of me.  My weekends are now full of my hobbies and my week days are back working full time and enjoying my career again.  My next challenge for the upcoming summer is to do a solo hunting trip in which I will venture in the bush on my quad bike and spend 2 nights and 2 days alone on a camping/hunting adventure.  I am currently work on strength and endurance in my daily training program to make myself fully prepared to enjoy this solo adventure to its fullest.

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