Hi everybody! Welcome to the last edition of my blog in the series. Wow, what a month it’s been! This month has been focused around sorting out sleep habits out i.e. for myself, sorting out my lack of sleep! Ha. Last week I spoke about how I have two beds and how I sleep better in one. This week I’m going to speak about how I’m not perfect and how not being perfect is ok.

It’s the end of the sixth month of the year. This year I’ve spoken about many wellness challenges and how I’m working on myself to improve my health! But that’s the key message. I’m a work in progress and so are you.

I think from an outsiders view it can seem like because I’m blogging all the time, I’m the epitome of health! Far from it. This is why You Own It was created! It’s not for the marathon runners out there, although they are most welcome to join us, but it’s for everyday people like me and you who would like to kick start our own healthy habits but don’t know where to start!

We don’t have to be perfect. We are all going to have our own unique wellness challenges. That’s ok. It’s great we are different. What unites us though is that we want to OWN our health. And by sharing your own challenges, whether it’s through becoming an ambassador or joining the discussion on Facebook, you are inadvertently encouraging, empowering and giving confidence to others that it’s ok to not be perfect!

So am I a sleep goddess yet? Certainly not, but I’m getting better!

How have you got on this June?


Until next time,



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