So this is my last blog of the month. And what do I think? Well I’ve loved the #MyJuly campaign and witnessing so many of you Reclaiming your July! Whether that’s through the Facebook group, downloading the Super Simple Self Care Secrets or through taking part in the Nomophobia challenge. It’s fantastic and you should give yourselves a huge pat on the back!


So let’s resume to this blog. The title? I’m reminiscing an old 90’s song and just replaced the words to Nomophobia! (2 Unlimited – No Limit).  But if you watch the video, it’s your typical 90’s song. A bit over the top! But very enthusiastic. And I think this sums up my journey this month in terms of my Nomophobia challenge!


At first I thought it was a good idea to deny myself of the phone, which made me crave for it more! And then I flipped and stopped denying myself of the phone and ironically that worked. Because I knew I could look at my phone anytime because it was there, I didn’t need to look at it! The control was and still is in my hands and I feel empowered and liberated (a bit over the top but true) as I’m not constantly thinking about my phone!


I’ve been more present with friends and family and I’ve only really used my phone to make calls, text or update my social media when needs be.


It’s great because I’m no longer spending hours on Facebook, scrolling down the newsfeed wishing I was married with a baby/pet! Fantastic!


So I feel great and finally regained control over my addiction. No more Nomophobia! My next challenge however? Hmmm…turning 30! Haha! Yes, I’m turning 30 in August and I think it’ll be cool to write about the challenging things it brings with it…as well as other cool stuff of course!


Until next time,




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