OWN Home

This is an exciting new venture that we are exploring focusing on independent living for disabled people. This campaign is close to Rupy Kaur, who is the Founder of You Own It. In Rupy’s own words:

 I have faced my own challenges with my need to live independently. For a year I’ve been battling with social services to assist me with adequate support and also having the necessary adaptations made to my property.

Even finding somewhere to live was quite difficult. Finding a landlord who was willing to allow the council to do the necessary adaptations. 

This is where You OWN It wants to step in.

OWN Home would be a letting/tenant business looking at investing in properties suitable for adaption by the council and making them a realistic option for disabled people.

We aim to explore this area in much more depth in 2020.

Have you experienced challenges in getting your own accessible home? If so, what were they?