Rest, recovery…and getting back at it

I had a better time this month following my broken femur and reconstruction surgery.  Most importantly I have owned my injury and in a better mindset to get things done and get back at it.  I could get up and back at it and was enjoying a lot more time moving around and doing things around my house.  I jumped in a little too keen and only days after getting the permission to get out and about I scalloped my big to on my aluminium door frame.  Not to be disgruntled I self-dressed the heavily bleeding wound and carried on with my day.  A simple staph infection anywhere on my body was still capable of infecting my recovering thigh and femur even a month post-surgery.  I was well informed and knew I had to look after my body and wounds like my toe over cautiously.  I self-managed my toe dressing and it healed well quickly.  I was on light duties so was not doing anything too strenuous until I was giving my pigdogs a run in the paddock one morning.  I have 2 pigdogs for hunting and I have a completely fenced of paddock for them to run around in when I let them out for exercise.  I built the paddock last summer.  It is entirely netting fencing with the idea being that they cannot get out of there and up to no good when my back is turned.  I also have a house dog, mainly for security and pest control which hangs around and sleeps inside.  She is very antisocial and fights with a lot of other dogs.  So, I knew when I saw one of my hunting dogs jump the full height fence towards my house dog there was going to be trouble.  They went for each other straight away, I managed to get them apart but only by chocking out my dog with her chocker chain to make her release her jaw on my hunting dog.  Most people think of pigdogs as big angry dogs that will attack anything, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  They are working dogs highly trained to chase and catch wild boar and nothing else, rarely do I have problems with them fighting as they hunt in a pack.  It was my pet dog actually causing the problems here.  But I got her off and held her down.  As I did this my hunting dog thought I was getting hurt and jumped back in to help me.  This pulled my out of my wheelchair and onto the ground where I wrestled around with them until they dragged me to the fence, they jumped through and kept fighting on the other side where I couldn’t get to them.  After yelling at my house dog till I was blue in the face and my hunting dog was limp in her jaw she finally gave up and headed back to me with her tail between her legs.  I lifted myself back into the wheelchair and locked her in a kennel to assess the damage to my valuable hunting dog.  She seemed ok but had what looked like a broken leg.  She has since healed up ok with only a slight limp remaining.  My leg was pretty sore for a couple of days after that so I put it up and rested it some more until the swelling went down again.

The next Tuesday I was excited as I had planned to return to work and then my physio routine.  I had quiet day at work and it all went ok.  After work at my physio session and after getting assessed for what to do with my leg in my physio routine.  This didn’t go as planned as I was told to stay on the side of caution and take another couples of weeks to get further on my leg recovery before anything else.   I was very downhearted as I felt like I was good to go, I did know my leg was still fragile because of some pain and swelling that I was doing the best to ignore. This was not helping myself, so with that and all the threats of causing long term damaged circling in my thoughts I stepped backward and continued to rest.  After two more failed attempts at getting back to work and am happy to report that now after 2 months recovery I am back to my job full time and deep back into my physio programme. I still have to wait another couple of weeks to weight bare and start up my Rexercise programme.  It’s a struggle and has felt like a spinal cord injury all over again not being able to jump in my Rex and walk around but I have a lot of that in my future so am patiently waiting for my Rex time to start again early next year.

So, finishing my year with work and with training and my health and fitness state of mind still intact is a win, a huge win.  Thanks again to all my support through work and physio and my home and family life.  It’s all closely connected and I am the never missing link. Mum and Dad and other family and community support, Rex Bionics staff and clients, my physio world, High performance N.Z and All my other friends and motivators.  You all got me here.  Happy and safe holidays.  Get out there, get after it and get livin and doin every day.

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