Hi everybody,

I really hope you enjoyed my rap from the other week! So I wanted to continue my discussion on self care!

A while back I joined an online dating forum. If I’m honest with you, I hadn’t really taken much notice of the group due to being busy.

However, a week ago something popped up in my newsfeed, something that made me feel quite uncomfortable, something from that group. It was a lady saying something along the lines of:

‘I can’t get a date. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I should give up dating.’

My response:

‘It’s so important to feel comfortable in your own skin rather than needing another to ‘fulfil you.’ I bet you’re an awesome woman. He’ll come when the time is right, in the meantime, focus on yourself.’

Then ‘all hell’ broke lose and the admin commented:

‘Another cliche! Focussing on yourself rather than embracing may actually be part of the reason so many people are single.’

So that was it. We got into a heated discussion about self care which lasted gone midnight, until I decided to leave the group!

The lady that I replied to, actually thanked me saying that I really helped her. So at least that was a good outcome but I did make my views quite clear to the admin.

I told him that focussing on yourself is not cliche. Rather society makes you believe that you need somebody in order to be fulfilled. We don’t need a romantic partner to feel fulfilled.

Anyway, he didn’t like that comment and the discussion unnecessarily went on and on because I just think he liked winning an argument. Such a shame, when there’s so many singletons out there with confidence issues!

I’m not going to go into the rest of the discussion but I’m here to tell you, self care is the least cliche thing you can practice. It’s fundamental for you to grow and thrive as a person. We live in a world where we are programmed to focus on the negatives instead of the positives. This can lead to all sort of challenges.

Practicing self care takes courage and bravery and I bet there’s a lot of you out there who still think it’s cliche.

I ask you to be open and try it! It might transform your life, as it has done mine!

Until next time,


(p.s. want to begin practicing self care but don’t know where to start? Then download this free cheatsheet ‘10 Super Simple Self Care Secrets’ to be bursting with energy and happiness)

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