So I’m 30 next week! And you know what? I’m not engaged and therefore obviously not married. I don’t have a child and neither do I have a pet!


You see, I made a plan. Apart from getting a ‘pet’ – I’m not a huge fan of animals (shock, horror!). But my plan was:


  1. To fall in love a uni
  2. To be married by the age of 25
  3. To have my first child before the age of 30
  4. To be a manager in my line of work and be earning bucket loads!


But what actually happened? That plan was farcical!! Ha!


There have been many interests and thoughts of becoming married but it’s not happened. There’s certainly no child. And I’m not employed (thank goodness)!


If somebody told me this a few years ago, I would have been distraught! But after a year of self-care and ‘finding myself,’ I’m actually rather content!


My confidence has grown exceptionally in the past year and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. This time last year I was anxiously searching for â€™the one.’ But in searching for that and hitting a brick wall, I’ve actually found myself. Cheesy but true.


I’ve sat back and re-examined EVERYTHING! Like who I want to be and what kind of life I want to have.


I’ve been blessed to work with experts in my field who’ve taught me about the lifestyle that I crave for. Who’ve taught me to challenge my limited beliefs. And who’ve helped me discover my mission in life: to empower 1,000,000 people to realise that they can live the life that they truly desire! And this mission gets to the pit of my stomach every morning and I’m truly grateful for being alive!


In focussing on the needs of others, I’ve let go of things that once controlled my thinking.


The man, the babies and the possibility of having pets can wait for now. They’ll come when the time is right. But I’m at the start of a new adventure. The leader of my own destiny. It feels awesome.


I know a lot of you will be thinking ‘what is she on about?’. That’s fine. If I read this a year ago about somebody else, I would have rolled my eyes and taken the p**s!


But the purpose of this blog isn’t just to tell you about my wonderful breakthrough. But it’s to encourage you to look at your life and challenge your limiting beliefs if you’re not quite happy with where you are.


It’s not been an easy ride. It’s been raw and scary and I’ve been broke. But looking at who I am and what I stand for has reduced my anxieties about the future as I know I’ll be ok!


Get real with yourselves and Own It!


Until next time,




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