“A journey of a thousand miles begins from where one stands” Lao Tzu- Tao Te Ching.

When I was asked to consider becoming an ambassador for You Own It, I have to admit I was uncertain about doing so. After all, amongst other things, the problem with starting a blog (or any journey for that matter) is that time honoured question of where do I start?!

So I guess to start somewhere is to go from the beginning and that’s what I’m trying to do with this opening post. I’m writing this blog as having turned thirty last year. I’ve gone through two decades where I got a better sense of myself but not an embrace of myself. I’ve also had a major problem with anxiety that has meant that I’ve been held back or at times held myself back from doing things that I want to do, whether personally or professionally. And it’s taken me to some deep dark places as well as more than a few stifling ones, meaning that I’ve rued more than a few missed opportunities as a result.

This lack of acceptance, combined with paralysing anxiety, came to a head last year when choked to the limit by a toxic cocktail of different factors. I almost completely lost sight of who and what I am. Something which could have had catastrophic consequences for me in more ways than one. So after amongst other techniques, a trip to Autscape (an annual conference for autistic people) last year, I began really focusing on my road to getting acceptance, turning my nascent steps into something tangible.

And it’s not just my own condition, Aspergers Syndrome that I’ve got to get a better embrace of. A samurai quote that I use sums up what I’ve got to learn to like: my own warrior complex. A complex that I knew I had but had been not willing to entirely accept as part of me.

I’ve taken some steps on my journey of acceptance, including going to Autscape and learning the art of mindfulness. But as this blog goes to press I’m still got some way to go. And with embarking on a process of shifting orbit from living in a town to a certain city, it’s one of a number of challenges that I have to face in my life.

So what’s the message that comes out of this blog? I guess that it’s the time honoured point that some journeys start later in life than others. But they’re often the ones that need doing to make yourself the best you can be. And they ultimately begin, as this blog post began from where one is currently standing.