Hi everybody! Happy Friday!!! How’s your week been?

So I wanted to write this gratitude blog about Friday! We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ (TGIF). And having practiced gratitude this month this phrase actually sits uncomfortably with me (even though I still enjoy Katy Perry’s song!). For me, this phrase demonstrates how we can end up being in dead-end jobs or having mundane routines and the only time we look forward to is Friday afternoons, when we are watching the clock, waiting for the day just to be over so we can get ready and enjoy the weekend. And this actually makes me very sad. I think sometimes we forget how precious life is and if we are preoccupied with getting the week over and done with, then something is wrong.

I’m not saying weekends are not great. Of course they are. But I think we need to turn the TGIF phrase into a more positive one. I’m choosing to say ‘Thank Goodness It’s Friyay!’ – Yay for the Day. And every day should be as much of a ‘yay’ as it can possibly be. Cheesy but something I truly believe. There is beauty to be seen everyday and when we can, we need to step back to notice it.

So how can we do this when life sometimes feels like a struggle? How can we re-phrase these phrases?

Oh no, it’s Monday!
Yay – brand new week to start being productive and taking part in new experiences.

Hate this traffic.
Thank goodness I have access to transport and I can listen to the songs on the radio for a bit longer.

I just wish this building work was over and done with.
The building work is going to be worth it as our house will be beautiful!

My family are really annoying.
I’m so glad I have family around me who love and care about me.


These are a few examples of gratitude and if we can list at least three things to be grateful for each day, we will notice more positive things around us.  Each day should have a ‘yay’ in it as life is too beautiful to not notice the good.

If you are feeling quite low about your life at the moment it might be worth seeking the support of a health professional to see how things can be improved. If you are experiencing low job satisfaction and feel like life is getting mundane then maybe it’s time for a change – looking for a new job, seeking a new hobby etc.

I hope this blog has helped. Happy Friyay and enjoy your future days with the ‘yays’ ahead!

Until next time,