Hi everybody,

Happy March!! So this month my wellness challenge is healthy eating. Spring is around the corner and I want to get more active too but before I do, I know that I need to sort out my eating habits.

However, before I get into the full swing of healthy eating, I have been weighing up whether or not I should do a cleanse. Now, as a Health Psychologist in Training, I’m quite cautious about promoting such things. I often see cleanses advertised in the wrong way. The primary message being to lose weight quite quickly which is a completely dangerous message to portray. In the media, there are constant body shaming messages and healthy people can end up believing that they are at an unhealthy weight. However, after a lot of thought I’ve decided to give it a go.

I’m not doing this cleanse to lose weight and I’m not advising you to cleanse to lose weight either. I am aware that by doing this cleanse I will inevitably lose weight but I am also aware that the weight loss will not be permanent, once the cleanse is over.

The reason why I’m cleansing is to re-educate my body on portion sizes. As a disabled person, I’m not moving around as much as my non-disabled peers yet I eat the same portion sizes as them. I know I don’t need to eat as much because I’m not burning as much but I’ve built up these habits over a number of years and it’s time to re-gain ownership over my eating habits.

The cleanse I’m doing lasts for 9 days and I’m eating very healthy food in between as well as doing Pilates. I know that this will set me on the right path for the future and if I’m incorporating more healthy food in my diet, as well as being cautious of my portion sizes, I should not need to do another cleanse again!

So the mission for you guys this month is to send in your favourite healthy recipe ideas! Take pictures of your meals and make the experience of eating as fun as possible – healthy eating does not mean boring eating and I shall cover that in my next blog!

(N.B. If you are considering a cleanse, it is very important to speak to a health professional beforehand).

Until next time,