Yesterday was history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is a gift,

Which is why they call it a present!

Hi guys,

So we are at the start of May and my wellness challenge for this month is to be more mindful. I’m naming this month Mindful May and I am so grateful to invite you to join me on this journey.

I’m going to start by telling you how my day began. I woke up groggy because I didn’t have the best of sleeps. Then we ran out of milk so I couldn’t make my cup of tea straight away. Then I started my day pretty late, and if I’m honest with you, I couldn’t actually be bothered to start any work because I was really tired. Then my Internet stopped working. Then I got behind on tasks. Then I heard some horrible news about a family member. Then one negative thing started to escalate after another…

Yesterday, on the other hand, started brilliantly! I woke up on time and completed my morning ritual of mindfulness, followed by some empowering songs! Yesterday, was 1 May. It was bank holiday Monday. Whilst everybody was enjoying their Monday off, I decided to get ahead of schedule for the week and had a really productive day. My mood was a lot better…

So what was the difference between today and yesterday? I suppose one of the major differences was the way in which I began my day. Yesterday, I completed my morning ritual and did my mindfulness and I know for a fact that being mindful in the morning, set me up for my day. That doesn’t mean that I am resilient to external negative influences, the daily mindfulness definitely helps with providing me with some perspective when negative things happen. It also helps with staying focused on tasks to hand. For example, before I wrote this blog, I listened to my Headspace app as I was not in the right frame of mind to write.

I know a lot of people think that mindfulness is overrated. It has been a popular ‘buzzword’ for the past few years. But I also know that a lot of people who say this, don’t actually practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Studies have shown that the act of mindfulness can considerably reduce stress and anxiety whilst increasing the ability to be ‘present’ in the world.

I’m not going to go into depth about what mindfulness is because there is a lot of information out there. We also covered the art of mindfulness at the beginning of the year during my mindful eating challenge. However, this NHS website sums it up pretty clearly:

What I will end by saying is that I started this blog with the above quote. This is one of my favourite quotes after first hearing it from the film Kind Fu Panda. The words have always struck a chord with me. The art of mindfulness is clearly intertwined with these words as often we are so worried about what has happened or what may be, that we forget to notice how beautiful life, right now, actually is… it truly is a gift.

I ask you to join me for Mindful May whereby I will be sharing tips as to how you can be more mindful!

Until next time,