Hey #TeamOwnIt!

Welcome to the first blog in my new series of #WellnessWednesdays.

So, this is going to be an open and honest account of why I haven’t been blogging. One of the reasons as to why I decided to blog for You Own It was to hold myself accountable to you. On the surface of it all, it looks as though most of us have our s**t together, but underneath all that, it can be a very different story! In essence, I’m just one of you and that’s important for me to get across….here it goes!


When I first launched You Own It, I also ventured into a couple of more businesses. Finding my ‘feet’ and seeing what I was passionate about whilst still trying to earn a living. On top of that I was trying to balance my Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology whilst trying to organise my life as a disabled adult!

I had a lot of plates spinning. Taking on advice by various people in my industry. Felt like I was winning on some days and epically failing on others.

I wanted You Own It and the other businesses to be perfect. I wanted to ensure that I was 100% dedicated to my doctorate whilst demonstrating to others that I knew what I was doing when in fact I had no idea at all!

From looking at the You Own It website, my last blog entry was October 2017. It’s now June 2018.

In striving for perfection, I was getting nothing done and spent most of the time ‘stuck in my own head.’


‘Hindsight’ is a wonderful word, isn’t it? Actually, it is. I’d just turned 30, took on a leap of faith to start my own businesses, had no income and everybody on Facebook who was my age was either getting married, having babies or adopting some kind of fluffy creature! I wasn’t doing any of those things and felt like a bit of a loser!

And having practiced what I been preaching for all these years, it was ok that I felt like that. All this pressure was on to be ‘successful’ and to copy what the successful people were doing and I lost my identity and focus.


Not to worry though. Myself and You Own It are in a better place than ever before.

These past 8 months have made me realise how passionate I am around raising awareness for both physical and mind challenges – we all have these challenges yet there’s not one dedicated, fun, hub for us to talk openly about what we face.

You Own It is not a clinical site. Rather a safe and supportive site for us to begin sharing our own stories. To remove taboos and to make these discussions the norm.


Over the next few months, You Own It aims to grow. We are revamping the website to make it more inclusive….so stay tuned!


  • Join our Health & Wellness Group on Facebook where we encourage open dialogue on our own wellness challenges.
  • Diarise #MondayMatters in your diary – my Facebook live every Monday. 7pm, UK time, where we’ll be discussing hot health and wellness issues!
  • Ambassadors, we need you – we are on the lookout to recruit new ambassadors to contribute to You Own It! To be an ambassador we ask that you contribute to the website at least once a month! It’s up to you how you contribute. It could be through blogging, vlogging, songwriting, art! Whatever takes your fancy. You can have a pseudonym if you’re not comfortable with revealing your identity. We just want YOU to OWN this website. YOU OWN IT!
  • Look out for my #WellnessWednesday blogs where I’ll be blogging about my own personal challenges.


We all screw up from time to time. We feel down and miserable. But it’s important to remember how we can grow from these situations. Your vulnerability is your strength. It’s what others can relate to and it makes you, you!

Until next time,

R x

(p.s. you can join the Health and Wellness group here)

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