Work, Diet and FES

We have been very busy at Rex Bionics the past month, developing some new designs and features for the future of Rexercise. It is very important and close to our hearts here at Rex Bionics to stay on the cutting edge of Exoskeleton technology and delivering the best design and innovation results to neurological rehabilitation to help our customers achieve their goals and over all better quality of life. I have the extra pleasure of finding new ways to excel in my own rehab by working closely with the amazing team Connect Nero Physiotherapy. Together we are always finding new ways to challenge my body and mostly my Nero effected injury. I can definitely see that with new technology advances and scientific research along with a lot of hard work that one day my Spinal Cord Injury will be a thing of my past, just another story to tell around a camp fire of how I overcome a problem and knocked over the walls fencing me into a restricted lifestyle.

I also had the pleasure of traveling over to Sydney, Australia this month to show Rexercise to just a few of the amazing Nero Rehab centres available in Australia. There is currently clinician training going on in two of those facilities that are going to employ Rex and Rexercise into their Nero Rehab programmes. I really enjoyed getting away from the wet winter we have had here in N.Z and enjoy the dry warm winter Sydney has been having.

I have also stepped up my own Rehab through trying to fit in two training sessions a day into my daily programme, not every day but at least 4 days a week and one session on “off” the days. My self-satisfaction with sticking to my programme has been ok but I have been falling behind on my Functional Electrical StimulationFES (FES) programme. I have been struggling to find the motivation to do this as I currently have no movement in my lower extremities while using FES. I also know that the Nero recovery rate for this procedure is slow. If I was to stick to a 3x a week schedule I will start to see some results in about 4 months, although this is slow and a long wait the results will be amazing. So, I have been working hard on getting my headspace around looking forward to the results rather than looking at the quick fix results. Unfortunately, Nero Rehab is working hard for slow results so I just must keep on keeping on waiting for the FES rewards that are coming in my future. Anything worth having is worth working hard for so when prescribed an FES programme 3x a week I am going to do it at least 4x a week and more when time permits.

I’m also ramping up my ketogenic diet which seems to be the best dietary programme to suit my digestive system, training programme and lifestyle. I have come to the realisation that diets are hard to stick to because we always try a diet schedule off paper, no two indigestion systems are the same just like no two Nero conditions are the same and no to people are the. So, the best method is to find a good dietary baseline then mould and adapt to meet your personal needs. Most importantly make it fit your lifestyle, you don’t want your diet to be hard to menu or you will go hungry when you can’t find the right foods and binge later through hunger. I don’t think a diet should ever be set in black and white so I will continue to educate myself every day and adjust my diet to meet my current lifestyle and needs.

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